8 Ways To Make An Income From Your Modest Farm

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Not at all of us have huge multi-acre properties filled with fertile land ready to be turned into a money making farm. However, even those with smaller, more modest farms, can bring in a respectable income with the right strategy. If you’ve always dreamed of the farm life but aren’t sure how to translate that into a profitable business, here are 9 ideas that should inspire you to get started.

  1. Start small. When you first get into the farming industry, there’s no need to throw away all your savings to buy the biggest, most expensive tools and machinery. Sticking to a tighter budget can often help you start your farm without getting yourself into debt. For example, there are plenty of used tractors available online that will get the job done without costing you anywhere near as much as a brand new model.
  2. Offer bed and breakfast facilities. If you have enough space on your property, opening a bed and breakfast can be a fantastic money making enterprise to supplement your farming income. Many urbanites love to take a break from city life to spend time on a real-life farm, and creating a cosy, charming getaway spot is a sure-fire way to attract these customers.
  3. Make use of your lake. If your small farm has a lake, or space for you to dig a small lake, consider hiring it out to local fishermen so they can practice their skills and try for a catch. You can either charge fishing enthusiasts a fee to enter and sit for the day, or allow them to buy whatever they catch from the farm. If they have a lucky catch, you could be in for a profit.
  4. Offer wedding services. Pretty, small farms can often make ideal locations for rustic weddings, so there could be plenty of couples out there who would love to get hitched at your home. Get in touch with a wedding planning service to find out if your property could work as a wedding venue, then start advertising.
  5. Allow a wind turbine to take over. They may not be the most attractive feature for your farm, but wind turbines are a great eco-friendly way to generate energy, and you could even get paid to allow an energy company to place one on your property.
  6. Blog about your farming fun. There are blogs about everything these days, so it’s no surprise that there’s a blogging niche for farmers, too. If you have a talent for writing and photography, consider setting up your own blog where you share advice, tips, and stories from your farming adventures. This could be a relaxing hobby, or a way to bring some extra money in for your farm.
  7. Create a petting zoo. Small farms are the perfect spot for a family-friendly petting zoo. Buying a few child-friendly animals that don’t mind being manhandled can be a serious money making opportunity. Serve refreshments and animal feed and the whole family will be thrilled.
  8. Open up a campsite. Camping grounds are hot property these days, with more and more Australians choosing to head outdoors for their holiday Consider turning an open field space into a campsite for tourists and holidaymakers – just don’t’ forget the bathroom facilities.