Why the Australian Should Remain Unchanged

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There are those that strongly urge a change to the Australian flag, but is this truly necessary in any situation? Each citizen has the right to their opinion about the national symbol, but it is important to go to the majority of citizens for their opinion. Each poll taken clearly indicates that the current design is significantly more popular than ever, with the strongest support for it found with citizens between the ages of 14 and 24. Young Australians may not understand the true historic impact of changing the flag design, but they recognise it as an important symbol and want to see it stay.

It is imperative that Australia’s young population learn the story of its flag before making the choice to put the design aside for anything new. It was the Australian populace that first created the flag, utilising an enormous flag design competition with well over 32,000 entries from people all over the continent. To this day, this competition the very first time any national flag was chosen by this method, and the flag is proudly flown to this day nearly 116 years later.

Take into account the fact that a flag is in no way similar to a logo, but rather heraldry. This is a symbol designed to express important facts about a nation’s identity, and it took a great deal of time and effort to create the current design. The elements of this design speak to the past, present, and future of Australian residents, and it is imperative that that design be kept despite some changes happening within the continent.


Created in 1901 and first flown as the official flag in 1903, this flag is now one of the nation’s most powerful and unifying symbols. With the addition of the seventh point to include citizens of territories not part of the six states, it is now a symbol flown to include every single person currently living on the continent, making it all the more important that the populous come together to keep this piece of history flown with pride.


There is something to be said about the original design of the Australian flag, and with Flag Day just a few months away, it is time to aid in the search for the original flag. Allan Pidgeon is pursuing the noble cause of finding the original flag flown in 1903. For those looking to have this relic returned to the populous, it is imperative that the search be made stronger.

If for any reason you believe you might have information pertaining to the whereabouts of the original Australian flag, it is imperative that you contact a qualified representative to give that information out. Finding this flag may be what the Commonwealth of Australia needs to truly answer the question as to whether the design needs to be altered in any way. Your help could make a lasting impact on the future of the flag and how it is flown across the continent.