Pastor Chris Oyakhilome broke down in tears – The Haven Convention

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The real essence of the gospel is your fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Those are the words of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in ” The Haven Convention of 2017 “. The message was very clear , we can do much more for the Gospel. All the members of The Haven Nation were congregated at the Love World Conference Center in Lagos. People from all over the world were there to Praise the Lord.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a Nigerian Christian Minister ,who is the founder and President of Believers’ Loveworld, known as Christ Embassy, in Lagos. His mission and love for humanity has inspired him to do extraordinary things in the name of the Lord, and his teachings have moved and heal many of them.

The Christ Embassy vision is to give and transform people from all over the world. He is an authentic man with an important role. His Church operates in fifty countries and his experience as a Pastor, a Healer and a best-selling author, gives him the authority to understand and to share the knowledge of the Bible and the Gospel. You just have to open your heart and soul and let the Holy Spirit heal yourself.

His new TV Channel in United States has been reached millions of people, and you can listen to the Gospel every day. Chris Oyakhilome has been broadcasting from South Africa and through the world his message of Love and Peace for many years.

Loveworld TV is a Christian program where you can listen to different ministers and be connected with the Ministry of Healing and Praying. It does not matter where you are. You will be touched by the hand of God in your own home. ” Praise the Lord”.

His talking shows can change the life of people, who are interested in learning and expanding their knowledge about the Gospel. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a fantastic communicator with skills to change your mind and to open your heart. His teachings has been helping children and encourage them to become a better student, and a better Christian.

The problems and questions that raise when you are a man of faith are immediately answered. When you get connected and ready to receive the Holy Spirit. Your path and direction in life will be manifested to you. This is why, Believers’ Loveworld or Christ Embassy are so important when learning how to accept the Gospel and how to believe in yourself.

It is up to you to learn from the spirit in the material world. Pray according to your needs and your way to spirituality will manifest only the good of you. Faith and hope come together. Follow your heart and your dreams. Listen to Chris Oyakhilome.