Learn the Theoretical Side of Music to Become Better at What You Do

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The thing about music is that it is more than a collection of sounds. It is something that works on people’s emotions, making them feel certain things. The result of this is that almost everybody will come to a point in their life where they would love to play an instrument, to sing, or to otherwise be involved in the industry. Many, however, feel that all they need is a bit of talent when, what they actually should do is learn the ins and outs of music, and that includes music theory. Luckily, you can find online music theory classes to help you achieve that.

Why Learn about Music Theory?

It is very important to learn about music theory because that is the cornerstone. If you want to be a proper performer, you will have to be able to read sheet music, for instance. But not just that, theory ensures that you understand what you are doing, and it enables you to really communicate the ideas that you have in terms of what you are created.

Did you know that true virtuoso, whom everybody has heard of, like Mozart, Back, Brahms, and Beethoven, all have studied music theory? Yes, they had a natural talent, but they really understood what they were doing as well. You may feel as if you can play music by ear, and even that this will make you a better musician. That is absolutely true, because the sounds that we hear are what allow us to communicate. However, if you can read music, you can do so much more and, best of all, you can look at a piece of paper and actually HEAR a song.

What you also learn in music theory is chord progression and harmony. These are hugely important elements of music, as they are found in every genre, from jazz to hip hop. Improvisation is very popular in the field of music, but improvisation is almost impossible unless you understand harmony and chord progression. Without that, improv will just sound like a hot mess. Improvisation works because the tones and notes, while random, are interconnected. They create a melody and a unit, rather than just random signs. Through chord progression, you can also learn to jam in improv sessions, either taking the lead or following those who play notes.

By studying music theory, lastly, you show the world that you are serious about what you are doing. People who play instruments are a dime a dozen, but true musicians are hard to find. A true musician is someone who can explain what they are doing and why they are doing it, but also why those things work. The best thing is that music theory is the one thing you can learn without having to complete practical elements as well. Indeed, someone who does not play any instrument can become fully versed on music theory and make a significant difference to how music is created. This is also why you can study it online.