Job Search Tips That Nobody Follows (Almost Nobody)

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Keep in mind these job search tips not to lose the great chance to get that position of your dream.

Job Search Tips to Bear in Mind

When the time comes, every graduate faces the trouble of composing a perfect resume to make employers stand in a queue for a chance to invite you to their company. With the head in clouds you write all your achievements and send them to the job positions of your dream… and nothing happens. They just don’t reject you one after another. What has happened? How is it possible that they didn’t see the great potential you possess but decided to choose someone else? Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

Before getting acquainted with you or inviting you to an interview an employer (HR specialist) first looks through hundreds (if not thousands) of letters coming from young and ambitious people wishing to work under any conditions but often lacking any kind of experience.

“We don’t always need to have experience to start working” – you say. Indeed, my friend, you are not required to be a versed specialist, but you need to know how to write a resume without experience in the way people would want to hire you over any other resume with that valuable experience. So, what should be in your resume? What have you forgotten to add and going to rush writing after this article? Let’s see.

Our versed academic writing service is not talking about applicant tracking systems when you apply online to compete for the first place in search list, no. We will talk about approaching an internal recruiter, applying directly to the company and sitting in a queue for an interview with the hope to get that position.

You Are Not Having Fun, It Is a Battle!

Do not wait till your dream job flies into the window and settles on your shoulder. It is a competition and you compete with thousands of job seekers for only a few job places. Think of it, when saying to your friends “well, I’ve sent a few applications but I’m still musing about it”. Well, we don’t want to disappoint you but along with your peer graduates you are going to compete with former office workers, wanting their turn for a better position, gap year guys and girls, who have finally decided to take up professional activity and other individuals who have gained some experience already and are eager to get the same job position as you.

Be an Individual, Not a Piece of Paper

Personalizing your own resume is, perhaps, the most frequent tip that everyone often overlooks. Stop mirroring previous applications or job patterns downloaded from the web! Also, do not use the same phrases you read every day. Be unique, be interesting. Be professional and very eager to work. This is what job recruiters look in you.

Instead of writing “I am a responsible person” write something like “At university I have always been the one who is checking every team project on correctness, helps others with their tasks and is up-to-date with the latest professor’s requirements”.

One more thing in this paragraph: never think you are not worth it because you lack long hours sitting in the office or the third foreign language mastered. By considering yourself not worthy to do anything you are paralyzing yourself preventing from achieving huge success and the chance for people to see a great potential in you.

Make Prognoses of Your Risks

Try to reduce your risks of failure to the very minimum by fore seeing the possible reasons of refusing you as an applicant. We would also recommend to make a list of potential refusals and correct it, polish it until you have nothing to put in there. Articulate the answer for every probable question concerning your weakness and try to minimize its happening to zero.

Track the News of the Companies You Apply To

As someone said, your resume is not a tattoo – it won’t stay unchangeable during your job search period. To go that distance not only your flawlessly written paper of all recent achievements is required but a wisely tailored letter to the employers so that they FIND in your resume what they were seeking.
Never Write It If You Don’t Have It

Some potential employees write skills and talents (especially experience) they do not possess in reality. Just be honest with the employer. If you say “No, I do not know how to use Trados for translation but Iam surely eager to learn it!” it will be much sincere than lying and then spending nights hectically watch, reading any possible material about that program.

Give it a substitute. If they need a versed copywriter but you have been editing texts only – say you have a huge interest in this type of work and would like to learn it with their company. They will be pleased you have chosen this company to learn new skills and maybe even close their eyes to your inexperienced baby-like face.

So, be honest, be creative and never leave out your professionalism with a huge desire to work – who knows, maybe after having polished your resume the tons of employers will be standing at your doors and waiting for you to work for them! If you keep asking yourself “who will write my paper for cheap price” – may us help you in composing your resume and lead you to the world of employment!