Increase Social Intelligence

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Hereby you will find out the main hint on increasing your social intelligence aka being better in communication.

Increase Your Social Intelligence

How to build a stern social intelligence? How to make people see you as an equal part of their friend circle and not underestimate you? How to keep up a conversation without feeling awkward as hell? Do not overthink this question because the answer is here on the surface.

We’re not trying to give you a bad vibe but to push you to start acting today and increase your social intelligence greatly. For those, who still hesitate if they have understood the term correctly, there is a definition from our helpers from to make it all clear. Do not hesitate to ask them a “write my paper online” request!

Social Intelligence – is a totally new science that has appeared only recently and pays lots of attention not to the human intelligence as a whole but especially to their behavior in a society and ability to communicate with people and influence them. This is especially useful in building a career and succeeding in life. This article will give you an answer to why people with excellent IQ and grades in school and college have settled down delivering pizza and working as waiters and waitresses.

How to become attractive in the eyes of your listeners? How to make people believe you are the smartest person on Earth to give advice even though you aren’t? Well, it might sound a bit clumsy but it is truth. No highest IQ will guarantee you a bunch of friends, co-workers who respect you and the boss who loves spending time in your company.

The best thing about your social intelligence is that even if you were truly inept in high school, you still can develop your social ability to communicate like a pro. More cloddish: you may try and this try will reward you. So, everybody is talking how important it is for you. But why? Admittedly, the human interaction seems to be one of the key skills to live in the world of business meetings, sponsor projects and other things that make us rush like insane wearing smiling masks and shaking hands with everyone who comes into our office? As if! Lots of people don’t even know much about the most obvious tricks we are going to tell you today.

Yes, they are way too obvious. But why do we still write about them? Well, if they are so obvious for you, why are you reading this article, huh?

1. So, first of all, observe everything around you. It is so easy to get into yourself, your own problems and worries that you will never look, hear and understand what people are saying. This is also the first piece of advice.

2. Do not make your conversation ineptitude, namely not knowing what to say or worrying that your listeners won’t like what you say. Having a conventional interest in your listeners’ stories is not just a good sign of politeness but a quick way to success in attracting people to you as a good and intelligent listener as well. Remember: you talk – they listen, they talk – you listen.

3. Pushing your friends to do what you want may eventually lead to resentment that is not a good idea if you muse on retaining friends for a long period of life. They are much more important than any of your short-run victories, aren’t they? Be a good friend to them and to everyone, don’t not wait till they deserve your “special attitude”.

4. Calm down your leadership spirit. Not like it shouldn’t lead you and inspire for fascinating ideas worth making real but there is one thing you surely know but need to be repeated: people do not feel very comfortable under someone’s DIRECT control. Be them a friend who advises to do something according to their mutual plan, admitted by everyone. This requires a ton of efforts but isn’t it worth the effort put?

5. Master body language to control your moves. To be assertive without pushing too much you might know that the body language is a way to influence people without even talking to them much. Well, when you stand straight and do nothing, it is hard to notice the difference but try to gesture a bit and see how it affect the people near you and their perception of you.

6. Set up relationships with people. Are you completely content with your best friend and feel like needing nothing else? Well, it is not a bad thing but to be successful you are to make contacts with people around you for no purpose and one day you’ll figure this tip out.

Based on the article of Vanessa Van Edwards– a behavioral investigator, we would like to give you a few essential tips on increasing your social intelligence wisely and make it last for the whole life. Who said IQ is crucial for making friends? No one would believe that now! And the most important thing is that you should take it into advantage. What is a social intelligence? According to the above-named article, it is a skill to build relationships and have a stern position in social environment. Here are some tips we have taken from the article of Dr. Goleman:

  • Raise your social awareness. People who are sensual, empathic, understanding and smooth in interactions with others. Are you one of them?
  • Have a place to “recharge” yourself aka find a way to have a rest from social interactions before you immerse in them again;
  • Have more empathy, otherwise, stop talking because people definitely feel it;
  • Avoid mindblind state. If you are good at predicting people ‘s behavior and intuitively understand what they are expecting, you don’t lack of compassion – you have nothing to worry about;
  • Engage in social life.

Which tips have helped you the most? Remember that reading the article only will not give you a feeling of completeness but is only the first step towards realizing and raising your social intelligence skill. Good luck and have fun!