Fun Ideas for the Party Season

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Where has the year gone? Who really knows why time seems to be speeding up. Perhaps it’s because we do not give ourselves enough of a break, or that we fail to properly enjoy ourselves when we are not at work?

One thing is for certain is party season is upon us. It’s time to inject a little fun into your lives and here’s how to make the most of the festive season.


Parties are always more enjoyable with a theme. All the party goers can then dress up along the theme. You can serve food and provide party games that coordinate with your theme.  Decorate the venue to match. Fun decorations include lifesize cardboard cutouts of relevant characters associated with the theme. Guests can even use the cutouts as a backdrop for their selfies. Add to your décor with festive colours to highlight the festive occasion.

Possible themes include the following (the list is as long as your imagination makes it):

  • Hollywood films – or genre
  • Harry Potter
  • High school days
  • Musical favourites

It’s in the Planning

The secret to a good party is all in the planning, and, yes, fun can be planned too! You need to address the usual questions of who, what, where, when and why.

You need to make everything age-appropriate. If it is an adults-only party, the preparation will be wholly different than a party for children or families.

The reason may be to have fun, but there consider the more specific reasons such as a house party, post-work party, or pre-Christmas celebration with friends and family. The theme may then be tied in with the reason, or may be wholly independent.


The location is easy if you’re having a house party, but consider the practicalities. Think about how many people you expect to attend, how much seating is available in the venue, whether parking will be an issue, and how your guests will get home after your event. The logistics to get to and from your event will be particularly important if you’ll be serving alcohol so guests may need transportation home after your event is over.


Who is coming can literally make a party fun or frightening. Are you inviting the boss, for example? Or the in-laws! A guest list is a crucial factor that needs careful consideration. Think also about people who you are not inviting. If they find out later that they were excluded, how will they feel?


Now that you have theme ideas for your party, what about the other essentials – food, drink, entertainment?

Consider whether you want to provide a few snacks for your guests or a full meal. The type of food you want to serve should be factored into time your event is held. For example, don’t hold a party over the time meals are usually served if you only plan to provide light snacks.

What about drinks? Will you be serving alcohol or telling people to bring their own? Think about little things like plates, cutlery, glasses, and ice. Expect to provide the mixers that people often want but seldom bring along. Make sure you have non-alcoholic options available for people who don’t drink or who need to be able to drive after your event. If your refrigerator won’t have enough room for all the food and drink, consider if you need to have ice chests to keep beverages cool.


Having people at your venue is only one step. Plan how your guests will be entertained after they arrive. Party games can be fun but might not be suitable for all groups of people. Plan music that will work with your party theme and add a festive element to the occasion. If you want guests to be able to dance, make sure there is adequate space available that is cleared of chairs, rugs, and other items that could trip or impede dancers.

Parties are meant to be fun, but little thought goes into exactly how to make them so. Good planning, and communication between host and guests helps, as does experience, but if you’re thinking of opening your doors and having a party of your own, these tips will help make it a success. Enjoy!