How to Find Out More About Your Family’s Ancestry 

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Nearly everyone in the world today occasionally wonders where they came from and if there are any interesting stories about their family history. That is why a number of celebrities turn up on television shows like Craig on ‘Who do you think you are ‘. The judge on “Strictly Come Dancing” learned that his family came from Essex and even traveled to Australia to learn more. Even if you cannot afford to hire a professional to help locate your family and don’t want to go on television, you can still learn more about your family’s history and ancestry.

Talk to Your Relatives

Talking to your relatives is one of the best ways to learn more about your family. It’s important that you do this sooner rather than later because you never know what might happen, especially when it comes to older family members who can tell you more. Ask for specific names and the dates of birthdays and anniversaries that you can use to fill out your family tree. You may even want to record the talks that you have for future generations to use.

Go Online

If you know some basic information about your family, you can do online and use a genealogy website for help. Many of these sites charge a fee but give you access to millions of documents. Some genealogy websites even have information available from those who immigrated to and from other countries. You can also look at the public records available from different counties, cities and states. These records let you enter a name and view all public records that are available. Use all the information that you find to slowly fill out and complete your family tree.

Get a DNA Test

Not everyone is lucky enough to have living relatives who know a lot of their family’s history. If you do not have many living relatives around, were adopted in the past or do not have relationships with your family members, you can opt for a genetic DNA tests. These tests are highly affordable and only require a small saliva sample. Your results will show you where your family originally came from, the ancestry that you have in your past and other basic information. With a genetic DNA test, online resources and some family talks, you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about your family.