Brief introduction in Meniscus tear

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The meniscus is a piece of cartilage and its function is to provide a cushion between thighbone, which is known as femur, and shinbone, which is known as the tibia. Every knee joint has menisci. There are many reasons, which can cause damage to the meniscus. The tear can happen because of activities in which the person need to rotate the knee joint or he needs to put pressure on the knee joint. This can happen to any person in any activity, which results in the requirement of acts given above but because sportsmen or athletes take part in activities, where they need to bend their knee more than other people do so they go through this problem more.

There are different treatments for this problem. The treatment depends on the severity of the injuries. if the problem is not so serious, most people try to recover it with home remedies. People go to the doctor only if the problem is very serious and it is causing too much pain. There are also some outpatient surgeries to cure this problem. There are some exercises too, which can cure this problem like stretching the leg. To do that there are some techniques which a good physician tell to his patients.


As mentioned before that this problem can occur due to sudden twist in the knee. This can happen in some hard physical activity like pushing some heavyweight or carry too much weight. It can lead to a serious health. Every sports persons and athlete are always in danger of having this problem all the time. This problem is growing in children. The cause of this is that kids are getting involved in sports sooner than their ages. It is a mistake of some educational organizations and parents who are permitting them to involve their kids in these sports so early in their ages.  Meniscus keep gets weaker and weaker with age. The chances of a tear in Meniscus increase after the age of 30.

Osteoarthritis also increases the risk of knee injury and tear in the meniscus. It is a common problem in which the knee joints and other joints keep paining all the time and it also causes stiffness. If an older person has the problem of the meniscus, there are chances that it is because of some relapse. This problem will start with a popping sound from the knee and it will lead to pain in the knee. As the problem will keep growing, the knee will start swelling. The person will have a problem in moving the knee.

The doctor will diagnose will take a different test to find out the real problem which is causing the pain. Tests, which are involved in, diagnose, are x-ray, MRI, ultrasound, and Arthroscopy. All these things help the doctor in finding out the real reason. There are chances that one test will not be able to find the test then the doctor will go to other option and another test. It is important for every person to contact to a doctor as soon as he feels pain in Meniscus. The doctor will suggest better treatment for torn meniscus.